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Google: Android 2.2 (Froyo) Is "World's Fastest Mobile Browser"



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    An Android powered phone in action.

    Google's already making great strides with its Android operating system, accounting for 28 percent of all smartphone sales in North America, compared to the iPhone's 21 percent.

    Now it's taken another leap forward with Android 2.2. Known as Froyo, the new version is at least two times faster than version 2.1, and in some instances a whole lot faster than that. Along for the ride is Adobe Flash 10.1, offering hardware acceleration of video and smooth navigation of Flash-enabled websites. Thwack, Apple!

    New niceties abound, including the ability to tether your laptop to your cellphone. That lets you use your laptop's Wi-Fi to tap into the Android phone's 3G signal, getting you online when you're out in the field. One of our favorites: sending navigation directions from your computer to your cellphone.

    There's no official ship date yet for Froyo, that the software developers kit will be rolling out in the "next few weeks."

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