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Report: Work on Google Barges on Hold



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    One of the floating barges that Google will use to help push its products, according to a document.

    A new wrinkle in Google's plan to open a fancy showroom for its products on the San Francisco Bay: Work on the Google barges is apparently on hold.

    Reuters reports there is a formal investigation into whether Google has the proper permits needed to build the barges.

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    The U.S. Coast Guard is also seeing if the owner of the Treasure Island pier where the barges are moored also has the proper permits.

    The Coast Guard says it is standard practice to inspect new construction to ensure safety, security and environmental protection.

    Google has not commented.

    An enormous flood of publicity accompanied the large barge's appearance in San Francisco Bay earlier in the fall -- as well as wild rumors guessing to its purpose.

    Another recent report speculated the barges are intended to become floating stores tied to the roll out of Google Glass.

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