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Google Changes Its Name to Topeka



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    Google's new look.

    People of Google, Kansas: you've struck a chord with that gigantic search company in Mountain View, Calif.

    Go to that familiar search page at and you'll see that the company's bestowed its highest honor upon you, changing its name to Topeka.

    Think it's a joke? Even though the name change was announced at 1 a.m. on 4/1/2010, it looks official enough to us, where the post on the company's official blog was signed by Eric Schmidt, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Topeka Inc. Could the name stick? I'll have to Topeka that to find more info.

    Via Topeka, formerly known as Google

    Google is just one of the gags alive and well on the Internet today.

    The Web site for Ben and Jerry's is offering virtual ice cream today, while Starbucks rolled out two new sizes -- "micra," which is tiny, and "plenta," which is about the size of a bucket.

     YouTube's offering the option of watching videos in text. Basically, you get a stream of code instead of images. is always good for a laugh on April first. Today, the site is called Bieber or Die, after teen star Justin Bieber. He appears in a video, saying he bought the site and now -- quote -- "anything that's not Bieber dies."

    And the University of Santa Clara had a front page that announced football was returning, same sex dorm room were a thing of the past and bike's were about to be banned on campus.

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