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Google Chromebooks Now At Walmart, Staples

$199 laptops are hitting stores.



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    A Google Chromebook. The laptops, priced at $199, are hitting stores this week.

    It was the moment the 1990s never thought would come -- the mass-produced $199 laptop.

    Google has not yet abandoned the miniature laptop in favor of the tablet, with the company's $199 Chromebook to hit stores like Walmart and Staples as of Tuesday, according to reports.

    David Shapiro, the company's director of marketing, says that the devices -- which have 16 GB of storage capacity on their solid state drives -- will be made by Acer and available at 2,800 Walmart stores nationwide.

    And this weekend, Staples will have Chromebooks made by Acer, HP, and Samsung to each and every one of its stores in the country, Shapiro announced in a blog Tuesday.