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Google Does No Evil by Extending Free Calls



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    Google Voice is finally on the iPhone.

    As Skype looks for ways to get its users to spend more money, Google is extending free calling through its Voice app.

    The search giant said Gmail users will be able to continue placing free calls anywhere in the U.S. or Canada through 2011.

    International calls will continue to cost pennies per minute, which rates differing based on what country you call.

    The move is a swift step to help Google Voice continue to grow. With some already ditching their land lines to use Google Voice exclusively, the tech giant wants to pull more users its way in the growing VoIP business.

    Free calling also positions Google to fend of some defectors who may have elected to switch over to Skype as it integrates with Facebook. Skype currently does not allow its users to call landlines for free like Google Voice does.