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Google Wants Your Doodle

And, they're willing to pay for it



    Google Wants Your Doodle
    Google/Grace Moon
    Get your doodle on.

    Google, like so many giant Silicon Valley companies, is constantly looking at where its future employees might come from.  But instead of relying on complex equations or long interviews, Google has something cool up its sleeve:  It's annual doodle contest.

    The search giant just launched its fourth annual doodle competition, asking students in the U.S. from 4th to 12th grade to offer up their best doodles.  On the line?  Scholarships worth as much as $15,000.  Not a bad way to get a jump on higher education - not to mention a way to get your work seen by a gazillion people on-line.

    Google says it will put the winner of the contest on its home page.  It will also, in addition to the fifteen grand in scholarship money, pay $25,000 as a "technology grant" to your school.  Given some of the recent postings (Pac-Man, Rosa Parks, Cezanne, etc) on the home page, you all have your work cut out for you.  Google's giving a little guidance, though, in the way of a theme:  "What I'd like to do someday."

    So, start thinking, and drawing.  Rules and regs are at  The top 40 regional winners will be flown to New York for the finals.  Who knows?  Like it's well-known hacking events, this may be a way to draw your way to a future tech job.

    Scott brought you Google Pac-Man.  He's on Twitter:  @scottbudman