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Let Your Voice do the Typing: Google



    Let Your Voice do the Typing: Google
    Scott Budman
    Twitter's new phone in action.

    Just because mobile phones are becoming more like small computers doesn't mean you should have to do a lot of typing on them.
    That's the thinking behind the latest update to Google's popular Android software for mobile phones.

          The latest version of Android 2.2, released Thursday, includes 10 new voice commands that can be used to operate phones without using a keypad.
    The new tool, called "Voice Actions," enables people to dictate their text messages and e-mails. The voice recognition tool automatically translates the spoken words into text.
    Phone calls can be made simply by speaking the name of a person or business.
    Android already has been processing spoken requests for Internet searches and directions. Google also said Thursday it hopes to introduce its web browserCrhome for its phone and other platforms soon.
    Google Inc. says about 200,000 Android-powered phones are being sold each day.

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