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Google to Buy One Company Per Month

Recession over for search giant as CEO lays out plan to bulk up



    Google to Buy One Company Per Month
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    Google CEO Eric Schmidt is set to flex his muscle over small companies again.

    Google has an answer to the pesky economy and to getting over its tiff with Apple. The company says it will begin purchasing one small company a month.

    "Acquisitions are turned on again at Google and we are doing our normal maneuvers, which is small companies," Eric Schmidttold Reuters. "My estimate would be one-a-month acquisitions and these are largely in lieu of hiring. There may be larger acquisitions, but they really are unpredictable."

    The Silicon Valley search company has a long history of buying smaller companies but Schmidt froze Google's wallet earlier this year because he said the market was too expensive.

    The company said the move is a sign that the worst of the economic woes the tech industry has been dealing with is behind them.

    "What we see at Google is some level of improvement and what is more important is we see it not just in the United States but outside the United States," he said.

    The move should also do wonders in Google's ongoing quest to piss off Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz.