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Google's Eric Schmidt: NSA Spying is "Outrageous"

Boss of Internet giant lets fly on NSA: "It's not OK."



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    Google's Eric Schmidt is none too pleased with the prospect of the NSA scooping up his users' data.

    Google is mad as hell -- though the Internet giant may have to continue taking it, just like the rest of us.

    Google chairman Eric Schmidt let fly in an explosive interview with the Wall Street Journal, which quoted the top man at the Internet's top firm as calling the National Security Agency's efforts to intercept communications from Google's cloud as "outrageous," according to NPR.

    "If that's true," said Schmidt, ever careful to stand on the right side of the truth.

    Schmidt is steamed over the latest batch of revelations from former NSA employee Edward Snowden, who told the Washington Post last week that the NSA had intercepted the flow of data from Google and Yahoo to their data centers.

    "It's not OK," Schmidt added.

    Google, for its part, isn't exactly the most transparent company in the world, but Schmidt denies any part of being one of the tech companies which, according to Snowden, struck a secret deal with the NSA "to allow direct access," according to NPR.

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