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Gorilla Glass Is Strong as Steel



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    Anyone's who's seen Gorilla Glass knows that the stuff is unbreakable. Found in products like the Zune HD and Galaxy Tab, the glass is super strong, unlike the backs of the iPhone 4.

    Now, a group of scientists have created glass that is as tough as steel. Developed by a team of scientists from the Berkeley Lab and the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), the palladium-based glass "bends rather than crack - giving it a fracture toughness that goes beyond the limits of some of the strongest and toughest materials known."

    Glass that bends instead of cracking? Imagine a windshield that can deflect dangerous hail falling from the sky or a house window that won't shatter from an incoming baseball thrown by the neighborhood kids.

    Now that's tough glass. It sounds like a winner to me. Hey, I'm all for tougher glass, especially in our gadgets.

    So let's just hope that the peeps in the lab coats at Berkeley-Caltech get this out the door and into consumer tech as soon as possible.

    Via Gizmag