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Headset Brings Mind Control to the iPhone



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    What if you could simply think about what you wanted your iPhone to do, and that thought would be enough to make it happen? That's the idea behind the XWave, a headset that turns your brain's electrical activity into signals that can control your phone.

    Details are a bit sketchy, but the XWave has a pad that rests on your forehead, picking up the tiny electrical signals that change along with your thoughts. The headset comes bundled with a few apps that let you do things like control your music library, but it looks like maker PLX is seeking out developers to create new apps for the headset.

    If it actually works as advertised, it could be an excellent interface for quadriplegics and other people without full use of their hands.

    The XWave works with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, and is available for about $100.