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Here It Is - Mac OS X 10.7 Lion



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    CUPERTINO, CA - OCTOBER 20: Apple CEO Steve Jobs announces the new OSX Lion operating system as he speaks during an Apple special event at the company's headquarters on October 20, 2010 in Cupertino, California. Jobs announced the new OSX Lion operating system for Mac computers and iLife 11. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

    When the lion roars — it does it so that the entire jungle hears. At Apple's "Back to Mac" event, Steve Jobs unveiled the next major update for the Mac: OS X 10.7 Lion. Here's a list of some of the features that Jobs unveiled today.


    OS X Meets iOS

    Multi-touch gestures is coming to the Mac OS X. Steve Jobs says that touch surfaces can't be vertical — they must be horizontal or else fatigue occurs. The trackpad will remain the focus for multi-touch gestures.


    Mac App Store

    One click downloads and free and paid apps — all in one place. Automatic installation auto app updates will happen just like on iOS devices. The Mac App Store is now exclusive to OS X Lion, but will available on Snow Leopard in 90 days.


    Mission Control

    Expose, full screen apps, Dashboard and Spaces will now be unified. An Expose-like view shows which apps are open with their respective open windows.



    With just a click you can now launch apps. You can organize apps in pages and folders exactly the same way you can on iOS. Just drag and drop.


    Full screen Apps

    Applications can now be opened in full screen. There is no need to leave full screen when switching apps. A gesture swipe will let you move between open apps.


    Mac OS X 10.7 Lion will be available Summer of 2011.


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