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Heroes Invade Xbox 360

Superheroes, tiny ninjas and fighter pilots take flight



    Xbox Heroes

    Heroes of all kinds meet up in this Xbox 360 round-up as Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2, Heroes Over Europe and Mini Ninjas take the spotlight. (Published Sunday, Oct. 11, 2009)

    Marvel superheroes, diminutive ninjas and World War Two-era fighter pilots have taken the spotlight on the Xbox 360 this Fall. A sequel to ‘Heroes of the Pacific,’ Ubisoft’s ‘Heroes Over Europe’ was developed by Transmission Games and goes well beyond in-flight maneuvers.

    The game carries on the World War Two flight combat theme as you fly with the British RAF across environments such as the French Alps, London and Berlin. Four online modes support up to 16 players, and while the controls don’t always hold up to the intense dogfights the presentation makes this something for enthusiasts of flight shooting games to consider.

    From heroes to superheroes, ‘Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Two’ from Activision allows you to assemble four-character teams in a one to four player scenario while brandishing your character’s unique powers in battle or fusing the abilities of two different characters.

    The environments get ultra-busy, making some of the action a blur, and while the ‘pick your side’ storyline is a bit simplistic the large collection of heroes and villains to choose from is impressive.

    Finally, cartoon-like adventure and tiny warriors take the form of ‘Mini Ninjas’ from IO Interactive where pint-sized characters gets some quick training on the way out the door to save the world from an evil Samurai Warlord.

    It smacks of the ‘Lord of the Rings’ plot set in Japan and, is simple enough for a 10-year-old to master; yet, it’s endearing and still immersive enough for gamers of all shapes and sizes looking for something light.