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Hot Rumors: TiVo Interface to Go All-HD, Do More?



    Hot Rumors: TiVo Interface to Go All-HD, Do More?
    TiVo is rumored to be going HD.

    Big changes are afoot for TiVo. The company's teasing March 2 as the big reveal date, but no need to wait — here's a sneak preview from a confidential informant:

    Full HD menus: TiVo's been toying with this idea in beta for a couple of years now (see the picture above), so it's about time we saw an all-HD interface fo' reals. The new look is said to resemble that gorgeous Xbox dashboard that we simply love. Whoa. That would be a heck of a sight better than the current blown-up-and-stretched SD menus, looking like technology from a half decade ago.

    Improved search: the beta TiVo Search is already pretty good, but it's dog-slow. Let's hope TiVo plans to speed that up. Let's hope it can search more things in addition to Amazon and a few other video-on-demand offerings, like the Vudu library of near-1080p HDX video.

    Phasing out Series2 hardware: this must be necessary because of the upcoming HD interface. Series2 is getting too old anyway, so backward compatibility is probably not practical for TiVo.

    TiVo Premiere: We've been hearing rumblings about this new TiVo hardware for a while now, and it might have ATSC and CableCard support built-in. Could there be Tru2Way in the offing, delivering interactive services, games and such? We can only hope.

    These are all rumors and speculation thus far, so don't bet on any of this.

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