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How Foursquare, Gowalla, FB Make You Sexier



    How Foursquare, Gowalla, FB Make You Sexier

    Going through a dry spell? Easy: just geo-locate your next date. visualizes, rationalizes, enables and encourages you (or your phone) to get out there and find a mate by using a simple check-in -- or by using your existing Foursquare, Gowalla and Facebook geo-location services.

    The places that are trending more female are graphically shown as larger pink circles -- boys are in blue.So, that gastropub around the corner from you? There are 247% more women there at this very moment. The wine bar? Trending higher with males, thank you.

    The site, powered by, aggregates check-ins from users, then displays the ratio of boys to girls, or girls to boys, or both. They're still in beta, so you'll have to wait for an invite, though. (Not to worry: the site is whizzing around the interwebs and will hit critical mass pretty quick.)

    Beyond that killer functionality, users can visualize their checkins, organize and share places they frequent and view where their friends (or potential friends) congregate.

    All the graphics are gorgeous, but visualizing your check-in history is a hoot. It pings around the city like a rabbit on speed.

    It's only available for San Francisco and New York at the moment. That's the fun of start-ups, though: meteroic rise or fiery disaster.

    Here's to a rise for users, everywhere.