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How to Reclaim Your Facebook Privacy in Minutes



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    Facebook is once again in hot water for how it handles a user's privacy, though this time it's looking like some real trouble for the company.

    Facebook members and the media alike are calling for the service to put its users first, security fears are fueling movements calling for people to leave the site and Facebook's CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, certainly isn't doing the site any favors when it was found out he used an f-bomb to describe his earliest users and offered to steal their personal data. Maybe he'll appreciate privacy a little more, now.

    If it's all left you a little bewildered as to what you should do about your Facebook account, however, don't worry — that's more than understandable. You're trusting a website with your private life, and Facebook doesn't seem too interested in keeping it private. So, what do you do? The Huffington Post has put out a two-minute guide (shown below) that'll keep your information as private as it can be on Facebook at the moment. Beyond that, your only recourse is to strip your profile of its information (and hope that Facebook isn't saving it), or remove yourself from the service — if you can.

    Via The Huffington Post

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