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Imgur Is Silicon Valley's Newest Darling

The hot startup of the now is image-sharer Imgur.



    Imgur Is Silicon Valley's Newest Darling
    A few photos on Imgur, which has more than a few followers in the venture capital world.

    Forget Snapchat, and leave your Uber at home.

    The now-child of Silicon Valley is Imgur.

    The image-sharing service is the tech world's new darling, according to the Los Angeles Times, which notes that the four-year old service has 100 million users -- or more traffic than Reddit, which helped to spawn the site (inadvertently, because it was hard to share photos on Reddit).

    That's a lot of traffic.

    Like the Internet's best offerings, Imgur is simple: the site's users, generally "very young," upload a picture to the site. Other users "vote" on the image to give it "points." Commenting is also key, the newspaper reported.

    With so many users, and so many clicks, Imgur is very attractive to capitalists. Yahoo is said to be trying to acquire the site, and meanwhile other would-be investors are "literally -- literally -- sliding term sheets under their door," according to AllThingsD.

    For now, the startup remains in startup mode, with 10 employees -- and all the potential in the world.