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Inside Charlie Sheen's Intern Contest

Bay Area student reaches the elite round



    Inside Charlie Sheen's Intern Contest
    Santa Clara University student Paria Amini is a finalist to become Charlie Sheen's intern.

    Paria Amini is a student, a future lawyer, and -- this is where things get really interesting -- a late round finalist in the Charlie Sheen #tigerbloodintern search.

    Of the tens of thousands of people who applied for what is likely to be the nuttiest/most interesting social media job in the country, Paria was just notified that she made the final 250.  She knows there's more March Madness to go before she lands the gig, but things are looking good.

    In case you're wondering what it takes to score the Sheen internship, Paria told us.  First, send Charlie a tweet using 75 characters.  Her entry?  "I get paid so Charlie keeps #winning = #winwin."  Not bad.  Hashtags and catchphrases.  So far, so good.

    Round Two asked for background and experience in social media -- Twitter, Facebook, etc.  Paria aced that, too. 

    Round Three involved making a YouTube video about how she would advise a candidate running for public office to leverage social media.  Paria, a Religious Studies major at Santa Clara University, opted against (mercifully) silly prancing around for the camera, instead delivering a thoughtful, well-produced video.  Aces again.

    She's now waiting to hear (it's all been via email) if she's reached the next round.  Should happen any day.  Paria, who plans to take the LSAT in June, says her goal is "to add something else to my resume." 

    She describes herself as "a fan, to an extent" of Sheen (her favorite movie of his:  "Ferris Bueller's Day Off") who knows "a thing or two about creating a good public image, which is something Charlie Sheen might need my help with."

    Calling the internship the "Golden Ticket," Paria is still taking the whole thing with a grain of salt. 

    For what it's worth, we say, Charlie, here's a young person with a solid future, who could lend a little stability to things.  She's got our #winning recommendation.

    Scott will keep you posted.  He's on Twitter @scottbudman