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Is Netflix Dying a Slow Death?



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    Is Netflix losing its drawing power?

    Dear Netflix,

    We love you. You let us stream as many movies as we want, and won't yell at us for those DVDs we still haven't gotten around to watching after six months.

    That's why we have to tell you that we're worried that people are trying to take advantage of you. You just agreed to a deal with two of your friends, Fox and Universal, to delay access to their content by a whole month — a month! — and, in exchange, be able to carry more of their shows. Sure, you'll be able to carry shows such as 24 and movies like Aliens, but those guys will have a serious lead. Your new releases won't really be new.

    What if those guys decide to get into streaming in a major way, too? You'll lag behind. At least it'll make your instant watch feature more attractive, which is now on the iPad and recently came to the Wii.

    We're sure you wouldn't do it if it didn't make sense, Netflix. It's similar to the deal you struck with Warner, after all. We're just saying to be careful out there, little buddy.


    Netflix, via Electronista