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Kickstarter Apologizes For Pick-Up Guide

Seduction guide pulled from Web site -- but not quickly enough for some.



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    Kickstarter will have none of this, thanks.

    Plenty of things are perfect for crowdfunding -- but a guide to picking up women might not be one of them.

    Kickstarter is apologizing for a project called "A Guide to Getting Awesome With Women," according to

    The guide promised to provide a step-by-step instruction for "getting good with women," according to the website. The guide made the rounds on Reddit, where it was roundly decried, and as a result Kickstarter has pulled the project -- and is trying to make up for it.

    Kickstarter is now doing funding of its own, donating $25,000 to an anti-sexual violence organization, Mashable reported.

    "We were wrong" not to cancel the project immediately, Kickstarter wrote in a blog post.

    In the future, "seduction guides" will not be allowed on the Kickstarter website.