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Bay Area Company To Go Public; Who's Next?

LinkedIn ready to sell shares to an eager public.



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     You use it for job contacts; are stock certificates next?

    Online job site LinkedIn has filed to go public.  To the tune of $175 million.  Now that the first of the so-called "Web 2.0" companies is at the stock starting block, will a torrent of other sexy startups follow?  

    LinkedIn, although first to file for an IPO, has actually been among the quieter of the web 2.0 companies.  Fittingly for a job site, it's gone about its existence in a steady - dare I say - workman like way, not making a lot of noise, but gaining a lot of respect, both among users and analysts.

    LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman, who announced the IPO plans from Davos, is known to be the antithesis of a flashy, grab-for-the-cash leader.  That said, his work all these years looks like it will pay off big.  Look for interest in LinkedIn shares to be high, and look for other Silicon Valley 2.0'ers to follow suit.

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