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LivingSocial Offering Japan Relief Coupons



    LivingSocial Offering Japan Relief Coupons

    In the ongoing digital coupon battle, LivingSocial is going for consumers' hearts.

    The discount coupon site is offering to match any member's $5 donation to the American Red Cross for the ongoing relief efforts in Japan up to $1 million.

    LivingSocial CEO Tim O'Shaughnessy said his company is used to leveraging its more than 24 million members to put merchants on the map and it's that same technology that alows the company to organize those same members to do good.

    "We have an opportunity to leverage the power of our 24 million members by matching their contributions to make a difference for those in need in Japan," he said.

    Grouponis running a similar campaign to let its users donate but the company as of last report was not matching each donation.

    To make a contribution, go to and click donate.