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Lost Your Cellphone Charger? Ask Hotel for Help



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    Lost cellphone chargers don't need to be a problem for travelers anymore.

    Travelers, if you haven't already thought of this, here's a solution to a lost cellphone charger predicament that could save the day: If you're staying at a hotel (or for you dishonest types, even if you're not), go to the front desk and ask if they have an extra [insert your cellphone type here] charger. Your chances of success are excellent, because most hotels have a huge box full of almost every type of cellphone charger in existence.

    According to one hotelier with lots of experience with this: "You have no idea the size box we have of chargers left behind. 90% are idiot Blackberry chargers. This works 100% of the time, we never verify anyone stays here — we just let them go shopping for their charger. Hell, we even give people a charger if they call down to the front desk and say they forgot theirs!"

    For those with lost chargers who'd like to remain honest and don't have an immediate need, many replacement chargers can be bought online for as little as a dollar. Well, unless they're for Apple products. Overall, charger replacement will be a whole lot easier when there's just one standardized charger for all cellphones (except iPhones), maybe coming in 2012.

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