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Lucasfilm Animation Spans Singapore



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    Meet Lucasfilm Animation's new Sandcrawler offices. You may remember seeing it back in April when it was all just a blurry render.

    New details have trickled out and surprisingly, the office building with the 100-seat theater and state-of-the-art digital production facilities only looks like a Sandcrawler from one angle. Peak on throughout he other side, and it's a whole different story

    Around the back and viewed from the top, the building looks like a "long narrow horseshoe" with flora planted all over its courtyard and even hanging off its glass terraces. Is this a nod at Endor, the Ewok's home planet?

    The entire structure is made out of a low-iron glass exterior layer and metallic-frit dot secondary layer and it looks good — at least the renderings do.

    The Sandcrawler office building is expected to be finished by 2012. We're liking the design a lot, but we sincerely hope George Lucas doesn't force everybody into watching his updated releases of Star Wars on Blu-ray, complete with unwanted changes and muckery.