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Microsoft Cellphones, Tablet PC on the Way?

"Project Pink" could bring new competition for iPhone



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    Microsoft's triumphant Zune HD media player might be just the beginning. Now there are well-supported rumors of Microsoft working on Project Pink, involving a couple of Microsoft-branded cellphones with hardware built by Sharp. There's also a "much, much bigger and juicier" rumor about a Microsoft tablet that's already in its late prototype stages.

    There's little information thus far, limited to little more than the above illustration of a Sharp-built slider phone reportedly code-named "Pure." That and another phone code-named "Turtle" are said to be in the works for a teaser intro at CES this January.

    The tablet is part of the "Oahu" project, based on the groundbreaking Microsoft Surface operating system. Expect Microsoft to wait until Apple's alleged tablet rolls out in January before Microsoft reveals its secret Oahu plans.

    Settle in for a long wait for all of this whiz-bang tech. Those phones probably won't be available until the end of 2010 (when Windows Mobile 7 is ready), so you might have enough time to burn through the rest of your cellphone contract until one of these baubles will be available. If their quality is anywhere near that of the Zune HD, it might be well worth the wait.

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