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Motorola Puts Its Boxing Gloves on in New Tablet Teaser Vid



    Battle of the Bays: The Backstory You Need
    Motorola is teasing its new tablet.

    Oh it's on. Motorola just pumped its fists in the air and challenged the two most popular tablets available this year to a fight. Put on your headphones, and crank up the volume, because this teaser is semi-epic.

    What does Motorola think the iPad is? "It's like a giant iPhone,'s like a giant iPhone." How about the Samsung Galaxy Tab? "Android OS, but Android OS...for a phone." Those are bold statements. Let's see if Motorola can back it up with its own tablet.

    It's clear that Motorola is tooting its own horn, and with good reason. If its tablet, powered by the next version of Android Honeycomb (that bee at the end of the video strongly suggests this) is as iPad-crushing as they are hyping it up to be, then expect 2011 to be the year the tablet war gets downright ugly.

    With Motorola's tablet and RIM's BlackBerry PlayBook, we're very excited to see what competition in tablet scene will yield.

    Twitter - @MotoMobile, via PC Magazine

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