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Myspace Redesign: the Look of Desperation



    Myspace Redesign: the Look of Desperation
    Myspace has a new look, are you buying or selling?

    When was the last time you signed in to MySpace?

    Not in a long, long time, I'm guessing. The once-dominant social networking site has been in a state of steady decline for the last few years as Facebook has cemented itself as the de facto place where people go to stalk their exes online.

    In a desperate grab at relevance, Myspace (note the dropped capital S) just got a big ol' redesign. The logo now shows the name of the site as "my_____," confusingly enough.

    Apparently, they want the site to become an entertainment portal, which, OK. It's going to take a whole lot more than a redesign to get me to get the burnt-in images of Blingee animated gifs out of my head whenever I hear the name MySpace. Oops, Myspace, sorry.

    Myspace via Engadget

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