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Facebook Continues Taking Over the World

Purchases FriendFeed, can now track all your social 'Net behavior



    Facebook Continues Taking Over the World
    We know your evil plan, Facebook.

    Facebook could soon be taking up even more of your spare time.

    The social networking juggernaut bought media start-up FriendFeed this week -- a move that could give Facebook the rights to sync all of their users' online behaviors into one platform, the Washington Post reported.

    FriendFeed, an obscure start-up, is an application that consolidates its users' actions on sites like Twitter, Facebook and Flickr, collecting information about what techies do online and compiling it onto one page.

    Facebook could use the site to leak other sites into its content, attracting even more traffic to the massive Internet phenomenon that already has 250 million-plus users. FriendFeed's ability to aggregate the news -- and information about users -- could be valuable to Facebook, providing one portal to filter directly into the Facebook system.

    FriendFeed could also be an attempt for Facebook to compete with other platforms like Twitter.

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