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New MacBook Pro Is Hot. Literally



    New MacBook Pro Is Hot. Literally
    The new MacBook Pro is hot.

    MacBook Pro, you're so pretty, swathed in that svelte aluminum unibody, exuding style and grace. We could use one word to describe you: Hot. Literally. If we're to believe the reviewers at PC Authority, that new Core i7 processor inside is heating up to an unbearable level, reaching 100°C. That might not fry an egg, but it could certainly hard boil one. MacCook Pro, anyone?

    Unlike most bloggers, I'm not interested in a MacBook Pro. Perusing yesterday's Best Buy ads, I couldn't help but notice how an Asus PC laptop with a Core i7 processor sells for $1,200 (with a 17.3-inch screen, 6GB of RAM), vs. $2,500 for a comparably equipped MacBook Pro (with a smaller 15-inch screen, and just 4GB of RAM). That's more than double the price. Now that the fastest MacBook Pro is capable of frying a guy's gonads out of childbearing contention, apparently now there's even a higher Mac tax to pay. No thanks.

    Note to commenters @themac and @Bobby: I'll show both of you which processors are in each of these laptops — it's Apple that's the sneaky one here. That 2.66GHz processor Apple uses in its laptop is a dual-core chip. Apple is careful not to mention exactly which i7 processor it's using, showing no model numbers anywhere. Not a word about how it's a dual-core processor. Sneaky.

    But if you look it up, you'll see that the only 2.66GHz i7 part is the i7-620M, a $332 dual-core processor. Sure, the i7 processor in the Asus laptop runs at 1.6GHz, so it's slower, right? Wrong. It's the quad-core Intel i7 720QM, clearly labeled as such on Best Buy's website. Oh yeah, and that one sells for $364, $32 more than the MacBook Pro's processor.

    I'd rather have the quad-core processor any day, especially at that price that's $1,300 cheaper. You could buy two of them for the price of one MacBook Pro, and still have $100 left over.

    See for yourself:

    Asus:-- Intel i7 quad-core processor

    Apple:-- Intel i7 dual-core processor

    PC Authority, via Engadget