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New Phone Makes Facebook "Inescapable"

Personally, I prefer my Facebook checkups to be a bit (strange word here, I realize) private.



    Facebook Unveils 'Home' for Android Mobile Gadgets

    With its new "Home" on Android gadgets, Facebook aims make its social network the hub of people's mobile experiences. The question, now, is whether people want all their Facebook content greeting them every time they look at their phones. Scott Budman reports. (Published Thursday, April 4, 2013)

    What Mark Zuckerberg said on Thursday is true: "Lots of people and developers want Facebook on their phones."

    Zuckerberg, and his designers, have taken care of that request big-time, with a smooth, good-looking feature for Android phones called "Home." It's a suite of apps that basically makes Facebook your home screen.

    In fact, it makes Facebook all but inescapable for your Android device. But in a world where everything, including Facebook, is already one click away on any phone, do you really need photos and status updates on your home screen?

    Personally, I prefer my Facebook checkups to be a bit (strange word here, I realize) private. I'll share them a few seconds later if you'd like, but at first, let me see them by myself. 

    There may be FB fans who want to see these things right away, and good for them. But is it really that hard?

    HTC has even cranked out a nice-looking phone, the "First," to make Facebook the very first thing you see.

    Check your friends in the coming weeks to see how many really buy into this.

    You'll be able to - they're the ones very very willing to share.


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