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New Xbox, Kinect Prices and Release Date Leaked



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    Keep in mind these figures are subject to change, but the sources are a leaked internal memo from Microsoft and retail listing blunders, so chances are you can take this to the bank: The Kinect will find its way into a bundle with the Xbox, be sold on its own, and the new Xbox should land sometime in the fall.

    Here's what's most solid: the new Xbox 360 should show its slimmer face in fall, retailing for $200. The kicker, though, is that could be a version that launches with a smaller hard drive, leaving the 250GB version for a higher price point, such as $250. You can also be pretty sure that the Kinect will be $150 thanks to

    slips by retailers

    , with a tenuous preorder date of November 4 (which jibes with what we

    heard before


    If you don't already have an Xbox, however, and you're interested in checking out the Kinect, then you're in luck. You're likely going to see the Kinect bundled up with an Xbox once it launches. Or maybe not, considering the potential bundles we're seeing right now are basically the price of the Xbox added with the Kinect, such as a $400 Elite bundle. The Elite costs $250 on its own. How is that really a deal? If that doesn't come with a few games, then it's really just banking on the idea that consumers can't perform simple math.

    Still, the Kinect will live or die by how many of us pick it up. Hands-free gaming sounds interesting, sure, but will $150 be too much to ask?

    Via Giant Bomb and Kotaku