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No Need to Type With YouTube Leanback, but Is That Too Easy?



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    YouTube just made it easier for you to watch videos and completely veg out with a new feature called Leanback. Its web-based interface is controlled by your computer's directional arrows and Enter key, and serves up videos it thinks you'll like. How does it get to be so uncannily accurate at predicting exactly what will amuse you?

    Once you link YouTube Leanback to your Facebook, Twitter, Google Reader and Orkut accounts, suddenly it knows pretty much whatever it needs to know about you. Scary. Thankfully, you can disable its overly helpful AutoShare feature that shows all of your social networking friends what you've been up to.

    We gave it a try, and like the way it suggests videos either in the personalized feed, or a number of other categories. It's easy to navigate from one to the other, too, and many of the videos are in HD. We wish it would work with a mouse, and expand completely to a full-screen view without showing any of your browser, as YouTube has always been able to do.

    Even with those minor shortcomings, if you have a computer with a keyboard in your home theater, this might be a suitable way to effortlessly get your fill of absurdity from YouTube.