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Notepod+ Will Tide You Over Until the Real iPad



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    Need a holdoveruntil the iPad comes out?

    Don't know if you can hold out for the real iPad? Do you find yourself holding your iPhone up to your eye so that it looks bigger? It's okay, friend, we won't judge you. Not in writing, anyway.

    Although if we were going to, we'd write it down on this Notepod+ — y'know, to take a little of the sting out of it. That's because the Notepod+ looks exactly like the iPad, save that it's actually a pad of 100 sheets of paper. Really, the iPad probably would have been a better name for the Notepod+ than the iPad. Just think on that.

    Each Notepod+ will set you back $20, or you can buy iPhone-looking Notepods in packs of three for the same.

    Notepod+, via The Awesomer