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London 2012

London 2012

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Olwimpics Blocks Olympic Spoilers

If you're waiting for primetime to watch the Olympics, you may be interested in the Olwimpics addon for your browser, which censors results online.



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    If you're avoiding the internet (you probably won't see this post but...) so as to not accidentally read Olympic spoilers, you might want to look into an addon for Firefox, Chrome, and Safari called Olwimpics.

    Many folks don't want to know who won during the day, and want to watch the events during primetime. This can be extremely frustrating when surfing the web throughout the day.

    Olwimpics censors words like, "Olympics," "sports," "gold," "silver," "bronze" and any kind of distance in meters, and sports like swimming and gymnastics.

    A few things to be warned about -- it doesn't catch EVERYTHING, and sometimes it catches TOO MUCH. It won't always censor popular athletes' names, and on the flip-side, it may censor non-Olympic games too.

    You can grab Olwimpics here.