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Palin and Beck Get Letterbombed and Survive to Delete It



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    A screenshot of the prank pulled on Palin's page.

    You've heard of photobombing, now get ready for letterbombing.

    This is not just something for the kids. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is all too familiar with the trend. In fact, the latest letterbombers making news may have used the actor-turned-politician as motivation to select one of their targets.

    A group of hackers recently took over the Facebook pages of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and television personality Glenn Beck.

    The hackers letterbombed the right wing heroes pages by spelling out words using the profile pictures on the Palin and Beck's Facebook walls.

    The pranksters spelled out the words "KEEP FEAR ALIVE." Technically the hackers didn't even do anything illegal.

    They simply changed their Facebook profile pictures to a letter and got some of their close friends to do the same and write on Palin and Beck's virtual walls right after one another.

    The prank has since been removed but not before could get a screen shot, which you can see by clicking on the thumbnail in this article.