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Perfect for the Paparazzi

New "drone" unveiled at CES could be big in Hollywood



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    It's the answer for the eager paparazzo trying to get "the" shot. No need for chasing celebs, hound Hollywood Hills streets, or elbow your way through the red carpet. Now, you can have your own camera-equipped "drone" to do the dirty work. Oh, and there is an app for that.

    Parrot, known for it's Bluetooth gadgets, showed off the "A.R. Drone" at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. It's a Wi-Fi-enbled remote control helicopter that takes its command from the iPhone or iPod touch. It has a pair of on-board cameras, one to help steady itself and the other to beam a live image onto your phone's screen. Parrot demonstrated the chopper at CES to a crowd of geeky tech heads that immediately became 8 year-old boys wanting a crack at the controls.

    The company is mainly trying to showcase the drone's hardware. It's opened up to developers to come up with different applications. Only a few wise thinking Angelenos immediately thought "Paparazzi"! Look up Lindsay, the paparazzi is everywhere.