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Protesters Lash Out at Google



    Protesters Lash Out at Google
    Lindsy Embree
    James Rucker, of hollers through the bullhorn at a rally on Google's Mountain View campus Friday.

    More than 100 protesters gathered outside Google's Mountain View headquarters today to rally against the company's recently announced move to explore a partnership with Verizon.

    San Francisco grassroots group organized the action, along with and Credo. The rally started at noon and was still going strong by 1:30 p.m., FreePress spokeswoman Lindsy Embree said.

    The proposal Google introduced Wednesday is aimed at making the Internet more transparent, Google says, and would apply to both wireline and wireless services. They list the details of the plan in their public policy blog.

    But opponents of the proposal say it would remove net neutrality, make the Internet more like cable TV and create a pricing structure that would limit information based on levels of access. They fear it would be the starting point for less freedom online and make free speech on the web a thing of the past.

    The protesters were not only lashing out at the Google/Verizon plan but also to get the attention of the FCC chairman, who has, so far, not weighed in on the issue.