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RIM Stays Relevant with PlayBook Announcement

Table Computer Pairs with BlackBerry Handhelds



    How Much Sleep do you Really Need?

    Yeah, but where's the keyboard?

    Just joshing you, RIM, this tablet looks to potentially kick some corporate butt.

    BlackBerry's RIM announced today it's player in the tablet-computing market: the PlayBook. Making the rounds on Twitter, it seems to be building a pretty solid -- if preliminary -- buzz. Having a snazzy soundtrack-laden video ready to roll also helps. And the official site displays the features and specs with equal snazz.

    According to engadget.com the device "... will sport a Cortex A9, 1GHz dual-core CPU, 1GB of RAM, a 7-inch display, webOS-like app switching, an e-reader component, full document editing, and pairing with BlackBerry phones." (Click here for their story.)

    But wait ... there's more.

    This little beauty is tricked-out with HDMI, USB and both front and rear cameras. Basically, if you were holding one of these in a poker game, you could get all Cool Hand Luke and "kick a buck" against your iPad-wielding friends.

    Going back to the marketplace relevance: syncing with existing handhelds. Businesses have long clung to their BlackBerrys because of their high security level, protecting pornographic secret-business emails.

    If the PlayBook gets approved by the bean counters, then expect a slew of mid-level management types to get in line for one -- restoring what little 'cool' they had left in their child's eyes.

    One thing missing? The price. RIM is mum on that key detail.