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San Carlos Sells the Former Home of Tesla



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    What was once the home of Tesla is no more.

    San Carlos agreed to a plan to sell two buildings that were once the home of the electric car-maker.

    Tesla has since moved from San Carlos to Fremont and is operating out of the old NUMMI site after striking up a partnership with Toyota.

    The sale of the buildings will cause an annual loss of $18,000 for the city's general fund and $327,000 in annual losses for San Carlos' redevelopment agency, according to the Daily News.

    One commissioner said the city had no choice but to approve the decision to sell and that talking about the loss of money seemed like it was "just to stir up everybody's blood pressure."

    The news comes on the heels of Tesla opening one its first showrooms earlier this month. The car maker opened a store in Washington D.C. more to inform people about the company than actually selling cars.