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Sears Takes on Netflix. No, Seriously.



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    Sears: it's not just for ratchets and poly-skirts anymore. Now it's also about taking on Los Gatos' Netflix.

    The stalwart retailer has teamed up with Sonic Solutions to create a new, online streaming service for movies and television, according to the Business Insider. The service is called Alphaline.

    The new stuff is available the same day the DVDs hit shelves (something Netflix cannot guarantee, btw). The companies are still working out the details with mobile carriers and ISPs.

    While Sears is the storefront, the engine is really Sonic Solutions -- operators of the RoxioNow platform. Roxio already runs similar services with Best Buy and Blockbuster.

    The upside for Sears is they can push DVD players or other electronic consumer devices that easily integrate with Alphaline, er, Sears' Streaming Movies.

    Commission-based sales people, unite!