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Silicon Valley 3-Wheeler Goes National

Jay Leno shows love for The Prong



    Silicon Valley 3-Wheeler Goes National
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    Jay has a garage full of vintage cars, which he displays in webisodes on his web site Jay Leno's Garage.

    Stop me if you've heard this one before: Innovative sports car made in Silicon Valley gets national attention from a celebrity. 

    OK, you've heard that before, but how about this? The "car" actually has three wheels, and it's not something you see driving by, no matter how ritzy your neighborhood.

    Silicon Valley's Prong Motors, a specialty car among specialty cars, just got a big dose of "Internet famous." A spot on the front page of late night host Jay Leno's website. Leno (who, in full disclosure, also works for NBC) features a cool vehicle on his site, and the latest comes from Prong. (Scroll down to see a video clip of this hot new ride.)

    In fact, Leno interviews Prong's creator, Hong Quan, right there in the garage. Quan talks about being from Santa Clara and he schools Jay in the fine points of his unusual machine. It's undoubtedly a huge shot in the arm for Prong Motors, trying to get attention in an area dominated by sleek, expensive Teslas and Fiskers.

    Prong is even selling the cool three-wheeler. On its website, it lists the prices, starting at $25,000, and going to $39,000 for the "Prong Primo."

    Maybe the Leno bump will bring a Prong to a 'hood near you.

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