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    Silicon Valley Morning Briefs
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    LONDON - FEBRUARY 03: The Facebook logo is reflected in the eye of a girl surfing the internet on February 3, 2008 in London, England. (Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

    - Facebook says its looked at its user data and determined its racial makeup: about 11% African American, 9% Latino and 6% Asian. Facebook doesn't actually ask your ethnicity, but as it presented on its blog, one can reasonably guess at a person's ethnicity based on their last name.

    For instance, people named Smith are almost never Asian. People named Washington are almost always African American. And Choi? If you guessed Asian, you'd be right 96% of the time.

    - The Wall Street Journal says insurgents have been able to tap into UAV's video feeds. Strangely, many unmanned vehicles do not use encrypted transmissions.

    - Recently I visited Aopitx in Campbell, where scientists were perfecting video transmission via laser beam. They say UAVs using lasers would be able transmit in HD much more easily and of course a laser signal is nearly impossible to intercept: in order to intercept it you have to be in its path, but you can't see it and it gives off no RF signal.