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    Is there an iPhone crunch?

    - What iPhone? Blackberry maker Research in Motion turned in blowout numbers in its latest financial quarter, saying it sold more phones, added more subscribers and made more money than anyone expected.

    - Meanwhile, South Bay phone maker Palm continues to lose money. It posted its latest financials after Thursday's closing bell and while the number of phones it SHIPPED is big, the sellthrough - that is, the number of phones that actually end up being purchased and used - is down again.

    - The Craigslist trial is over. The Associated Press reports the judge (technically a chancellor) in the case is as he thinks a judicial decision as to who is right is "the second best way to do it" and that he has "an uncanny ability to make everyone unhappy".

    - Twitter saw traffic to redirected to a vandal site overnight, the company says its back to normal.

    - Oracle says it expects the EU to approve its takeover of Sun Microsystems by January.

    - There's talk the FTC could get involved in Facebook's newest "privacy" moves.

    - Local mathmetician Sean Gourley says you can make surprising predictions about war based on math. His research landed the idea on the cover of Nature magazine. Watch an interview with Gourley about his starup YouNoodle here.

    - TechCrunch and the New York Times say Google will buy Yelp soon for a half billion dollars. Makes sense -- Google doesn't know how late your favorite restaurant stays open, but Yelp does. Keep in mind many of your favorite Google features (eg, maps) weren't in-house Google ideas.

    - On TechNow this weekend, how lasers may be a better and more secure answer for UAVs.

    - On Press:Here this weekend, Chevron Energy Solutions CEO Jim Davis and Solar City CEO Lyndon Rives with reporters Jon Fortt of Fortune and Forbes' Kym McNicholas.