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iPhone Verizon Rumors Are Like Groundhog Day



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    Well, it's just about that time again, folks. The time where I tell you that the iPhone could be coming to Verizon. I mean, one of these days it's just bound to happen, but that day may be far off yet. Like always, there are arguments fueling and debunking the rumor that the iPhone could finally say adios to AT&T.

    Backing the idea that the iPhone is headed to Verizon? Apparently an advertising firm called Landor Associates is working on an ad campaign for a Verizon iPhone. Maybe it's just a pitch project, or maybe the firm knows something the rest of the world doesn't, but that'd be a lot of wasted effort if the iPhone stays with AT&T for another year.

    On the other end of the spectrum are AT&T-Apple contract details uncovered by Engadget confirming that the two have been locked in a five-year-long deal since the iPhone's launch in 2007. That means Apple has until 2012 until it's free, unless the particulars of that contract have changed.

    The larger question here, though, is this: are you still waiting for the iPhone to jump to Verizon after all this time? Plenty of people have switched to AT&T just to own the device, but I imagine there are still a few holdouts out there. (Full disclosure: I'm a Verizon customer myself, and initially would have jumped on an iPhone carried by Verizon. The temptation was never great enough to get me to switch, ultimately.) There's also a brace of Android phones on Verizon to consider.

    So, are you still interested? Are you more temped by Verizon's Android lineup? Let us know in the comments.

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