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Couch Potatoes, Relax: Sofa Has Built-In PC

Picking up a laptop from the coffee table is too much effort



    Better Sleep = Better Grades

    You'll never have to look at each other again with the Athena sofa, equipped with two LCD displays that pop out of each armrest. Hidden underneath is a PC with an iPod/iPhone dock, and the thing is bristling with speakers in addition to an 8-inch subwoofer.

    Looks like the perfect complement to that chrome dinette you've had your eye on since the early '70s.

    This is one fancy piece of furniture, whose monitors store away in a flush position, always ready to appear when it's time to do some computing. Plunk down $15,436 for this two-screened media pit, or maybe you could just build your own for a price of about 50 times less.

    Artanova, via Oh Gizmo

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