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Starbucks to Bring Wireless Charging to Silicon Valley Shops

Place phone down, see phone charge.



    Wireless charging for mobile phones is coming to Starbucks. Scott Budman reports. (Published Tuesday, July 30, 2013)

    Buy a coffee, set your phone down -- and watch it charge. No cords required.

    Starbucks is bringing wireless charging to select coffee shops in Silicon Valley.

    All 10 participating Silicon valley locations haven't been announced yet, but customers will be able to set phones down upon a table and "top up" their batteries via a device implanted in the tables. At least one San Jose shop, 1087 Meridian Avenue, will have the technology available beginning Tuesday.

    The coffee shop giant first unveiled wireless charging in Boston. It was well-received, the New York Daily News reports.

    There's some bad news, for users of phones that charge on what's called the Wireless Power Consortium QI Standard:

    Starbucks is opting for wireless charging technology compatible with Samsung and Google-equipped phones, the newspaper reported. Those are the phones which operate on the Power Matters Alliance Standard, the newspaper reported.