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California Gets Its Own News Aggregator

No more hunting around for state government news



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    All your state government news in one place. Finally.

    The state of California has launched a new website combining news from more than 200 official sources across state departments and agencies.

    News.CA.Gov combines 83 Twitter accounts, 40 YouTube channels and nearly 100 RSS feeds, said the state's chief information officer, Teri Takai.

    "The state is publishing a vast amount of news and information every day. With social networking sites and automated information feeds, state agencies are making it easier for news to reach the public. We have taken the additional step of creating this continuously updated news hub, a one stop destination for Californians to see what is happening in state government -- all at a glance," Takai said.

    The site launched back in early June, reports Michael Arcand of lalawag.