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Steve Jobs H8TS License Plates



    Steve Jobs H8TS License Plates
    The car in question. Photo: Lodev on Flickr

    How obsessed is Steve Jobs with the web? The more appropriate question may be how obsessed is the web with Steve Jobs.

    The reclusive CEO's private life lights up blogs and message boards anytime a golden nugget slips through the cracks of Apple's PR fortress. From where he eats to his liver transplant to his master plans to rip down an old Woodside mansion, everything Jobs does gets clicks.

    Now word of Jobs disdain for license plates is generating some buzz. The man behind the iPhone drives a very stealthy looking silver 2007 Mercedes-Benz SL55 AMG. But he drives that without slapping a California plate on there.

    The DMV is not impressed, according to Wired.

    “I don’t care who you are — Lindsay Lohan or Governor Schwarzenegger — you have to display a plate or risk being pulled over or cited,” California DMV spokeswoman Jan Mendoza told the magazine.

    But of course a rich genius who has blessed the world with the iPad and the MacBook can get a special exemption to drive without a plate, can't they? Not accord to Mendoza.

    “It simply wouldn’t happen,” she says.

    That means Jobs is just betting on the odds that he won't get pulled over. And his driving habits give him reason to be confident.

    Wired got its hands on Jobs' VIN number and ran a Carfax on it. Turns out Jobs bought the car in 2006 and his car only has about 21,800 miles on it.