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Steve Jobs Recognized as CEO of the Decade



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    Steve Jobs may not have saved newspapers yet but the Apple CEO is already winning accolades for saving the music industry.

    And while Google and Amazonfigure out their relationship, Jobs has beat his CEO counterparts at those two companies to win MarketWatch's CEO of the decade award.

    The notoriously private tech genius beat out both Amazon's Jeff Bezos and Google's Eric Schmidt for the award as well as the likes of Starbucks' Howard Schultz.

    Jobs was recognized for revolutionizing the tech industry, again, over the past ten years. Namely he was credited with "single-handedly" rescuing the music industry by helping it adapt to the Internet era with the creation of iTunes and iPods.

    While single-handedly does sound a bit strong, Jobs was part of or behind several of the decades most memorable tech achievements, whether it was the introduction of iTunes, the iPhone or his role helping transform Pixar into the Hollywood mega player that it now is.

    But some of Jobs' flaws were also brought to light. MarketWatch pointed out the backdating scandal he was involved with as well as some of his company's practices that have come under fire.