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Steve Jobs the Animated Ninja



    Steve Jobs the Animated Ninja
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    Here, Apple CEO Steve Jobs demonstrates the wrong way to hold the iPhone 4.

    Apple's CEO Steve Jobs is now so internationally famous that even the rumor of a dust-up at a Japanese airport inspires wild speculation and insanely great video news animations like this.

    Created by the same studio that gave us Jobs as Darth Vader, this time the animation shows the Apple chief attempting to board a plane with shuriken (ninja throwing stars) concealed in his luggage (a depiction of the alleged incident in Japan in July). When denied by the guard, Jobs transforms into a ninja and takes the guard out. While the animation is funny, the original source (Japanese tabloid Spa), sketchy details, and Apple's official denial means that this likely never even happened--but the animation makes all the international tech gossip worth it.

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